Crescent Corporation holds Technical seminars on Brazing and Soldering

Crescent Corporation, Lahore, arranged technical seminars on brazing and soldering products at Lahore and Karachi. Mr Brendan Kennelly, Sales & Technical Manager MEA

Harris Products Group from USA was here in Pakistan. Harris Products Group is a leader in the development of Brazing and Soldering Products and has been distributing their products through Crescent Corporation. Mr. Brendan Kennelly gave technical training and presentation on Brazing and Soldering in Lahore and Karachi from the platforms of ASHRAE Central Pakistan and ASHRAE Pakistan chapters respectively.


Objectives was to Understand difference between Brazing, soldering and Welding and Provide enough information on how to improve the brazing technique and knowledge. This training session will not only give some guidelines, but will teach how brazing process happens (detailed Analysis on Atom Level).