Chinese Delegation Visited Firetech for mutual Cooperation

A four member delegation from Chinese province Qingdao visited Firetech’s office to discuss the matter related to mutual cooperation in the field of construction, energy and railway technology. The delegation comprised of senior professionals from various sectors including Mr. Zheng Guoliang from Shandong Jinan Bulinte Railway Equipment Co, Ltd, Mr. Lishui from Zhejiang Wang Jing Yi Jewelry Co, Ltd, Mr Li Wei from Installation Construction Co Ltd, Qingdao, Shandong, Qingdao International Trade co,Ltd and Mr. Liang Wang from Shanhu Shandog Engineering Machinery Co,Ltd.
Firetech and Conrep both have extended their expertise and cooperation to fecilitate Chinese counterparts to land and invest safely in Pakistan.
The Chinese delegation was quiet satisfied and expressed their high interest in both Conrep and Firetech to work together for a brighter Future and technical cooperation.
Mr. Abdul Hameed Sheikh, Chief Executive, Firetech and Conrep presented the aspects of their organization’s capabilities which were well received by the delegates and appreciated the services and expertise both of Firetech and Conrep.
Mr. Shabbir Quraishi, executive director, Conrep highlighted the contribution of Conrep in the upcoming projects by offering best professional services to the industrial sector.
Talking to Engineering Post, Mr. A. H Sheikh said that our policy is to keep on offering new services and products through state of the art technology for the betterment of Pakistan. The appreciation of the Chinese delegation for the services and work strategy of our organization is a proof of our world class standards, he added.