Azeem Ashraf Visits Turkey PHVACR society signs MoU with Turkish associations

To find new avenues of cooperation between Pakistan and Turkey in HVAC sector, President Pakistan HVACR Society, Mr. Azeem Ashraf visited Turkey and signed important MoUs to further enhance technological collaborations between both the countries in third week of September.  He also attended a gathering at Systemair-HSK facility at Istanbul as president PHVACR society. He was warmly welcomed by the Turkish associations at different forums.

Talking to Engineering Post, Mr. Azeem Ashraf said that PHVACR signed two MoUs with TTMD ( Turkish society of HVACR and sanitary engineers) and ISKID (Turkish association of HVACR manufacturers).  The agreements inked to further enhance technical collaborations, knowledge sharing and technical support between both the countries. He visited various HVAC industries in Turkey arranged by the local associations and found out that Turkish HVAC industry, especially the refrigeration sector is enjoying phenomenal growth.  Mr. Azeem Ashraf thanked Mr. Metin Durik and Mr. Zeki Poyraz for their hospitality and respect.  Both these are the Heads of the local associations and made all the arrangements for president PHVACR society in Turkey.

Mr. Azeem Ashraf further commented that the Govt. of Turkey and China are providing serious support to their local industry in all sectors. This is how their local industry is growing rapidly. He insisted govt. of Pakistan to be supportive to the Pakistani industry if they need local industry to be more helpful in economic growth.

He said that to promote the local HVAC industry, he has made a task committee, “Made in Pakistan”, under the chairmanship of Mr. Siddiq from SABRO. PHVACR society is planning to establish a high level testing Lab for HVAC equipment to support local industry.  “We have requested Turkish experts to share technical details with PHVACR society regarding the setting up of this lab in Pakistan”, he added.

Mr. Azeem Ashraf is also working on Containerized plug and play cold storages development (20’, 40’ and more). He is also working on mobile hospitals through containerized environment. He is highly hopeful that both these solutions are the need of the time and can be well utilized at public levels.

Replying to a question regarding upcoming HVACR expo at Karachi, Mr. Azeem said that the companies from Turkey, China, Europe, Middle East etc are showing keen interest and participating in this event. Mainly because of ever increasing potential of Pakistan’s HVAC sector, every country is eying Pakistan as a potential market. HVAC sector in Pakistan will grow manifolds in upcoming years, he concluded.