25th HVACR expo and conference Islamabad to host biggest ever Expo

Mr. Nadeem  Chaudhry, Chairman Islamabad Chapter, PHVACR Society,

Talks to Engineering Post

“It was a great confidence booster that when we opened online booking of HVACR Expo on 27th August 2018, all the stalls were booked within 27 mins.” These views were shared by Mr Nadeem Chaudhry, Chairman Expo and conference and Chairman Islamabad chapter, Pakistan HVACR Society.

Mr. Nadeem is the member of PHVACR society since 1988. He served as general secretary Islamabad in 2013 and was elected Chairman of Islamabad chapter in 2017. He had been the member of organizing committees of 4-5 expos which have given him lot of experience and confidence to work as Chairman of the organizing committee of 25th HVACR expo and conference.  He had also served as vice president Rawalpindi chamber of commerce and industry in 2012-2013.

The expo this year is the biggest ever engineering sector expo held at Islamabad covering around 120000 square foot under a water proof marquee. He informed that around 200 stalls are expected to book out of which almost 60 are booked by foreign companies including China, Germany, Korea, Turkey and others.  A special delegation from Turkey is also arriving for B2B meetings during the event. The conference parallel to expo will be addressed by International presenters covering the latest trends in HVACR sector. A special session is also being organized for the students to bring them into the professional circles and to enhance industry academia linkages, Mr. Nadeem added.

Replying to a question he said that an overwhelming response of the Chinese companies noticed for the exhibition and this is mainly because of the impacts of the CPEC. Still the government should consider the interest of the local industry by fair negotiations and encouragement of the local manufacturers in context of CPEC.

Mr. Nadeem informed that to attract maximum visitors, massive advertising campaign is launched by placing hoardings at both Islamabad and Rawalpindi, cable network ads and FM radio ads. Peshawar as a closest hub of HVACR sector is also targeted to attract visitors by placing hoarding boards on the major industrial sites.

Commenting on his team, Mr. Nadeem highly lauded their efforts and support. Without their hard work and sincere efforts, it was impossible to manage such a big event. “Islamabad is blessed with excellent team of experienced and dedicated staff that matters the most”, he added.

He said that as the society is becoming an International brand, more and more people should come up and be the members of the society. Connectivity is the need of the time. He said that becoming a member can bring knowledge to the individuals through technical seminars which taught the latest international trends in HVACR sector.

Mr. Nadeem said that we intend to open student chapters to engage the future leaders in society’s activities.  Islamabad Chapter is soon opening a YouTube channel for training of technical issues to the masses in industry. It will preferably disseminate knowledge in Urdu to improve the skills at the technician level, he added.

He also informed that Islamabad chapter is also planning to open a job portal to engage employee and employer in HVACR sector. This job portal will be linked with technical universities to improve efficiency. Mr. Nadeem also informed that society intends to offer internship plan to the young engineers in order to improve their technical skill by bringing on hand knowledge for the quality workmanship.

Mr. Nadeem demanded that Islamabad, being the capital city, should have an expo center on war footings designed on international standards as there is a big problem in arranging expos here. As the economic activity is growing in capital, arranging large scales expos in marquees and canopies is a big challenge. He said that more and more expos can take place in Islamabad if it is provided with a proper place/ expo center.

Mr. Nadeem Chaudhry highly appreciated the support of the seniors in arranging the biggest ever expo at Islamabad. He said that the confidence rendered by the high ups in the society circles has helped him in a great way to handle the hardships in organizing the big event. He was highly thankful to the seniors and team member for their support and confidence.