HVACR Society has now become a Brand after 25 years

Mr. Azim Ashraf, President of Pakistan HVACR Society, Talks to Engineering Post.

Mr. Azim Ashraf is Founding Member of Pakistan HVACR Society. He was the member of 1st elected Executive Council is 1996. Lahore Chapter was also formed in 1996, and he was made its Secretary to conduct 4th Expo / Conference. He managed this Expo in Holiday Inn Hotel Lahore in 1997 and made it a Trend Setter ——- first of its kind Expo conducted in a hotel in Pakistan. This Expo earned Rs. 300,000/- which paved the way for the Society to roll in.

In 1999, 2nd Executive Council was elected and 3 chapters were also formed officially at Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad. Mr. Azim Ashraf was elected as Chairman of Lahore Chapter. He conducted 7th Expo / Conference at PC Hotel Lahore in 2000, with ‘state of the art’ social evening which is still being remembered by all.

In 2001 election, he was elected as SVP of the Society, and Chair of Bylaws Committee. He is known as an Author of Bylaws. After a break of more than a decade, now he was picked up as President of Pakistan HVACR Society for the term of 2017-19

It will not be out of place to mention here that Mr. Azim Ashraf is a CEO of REMCA Associates, a HVACR Consulting firm established in 1977. Since then, this firm has done numerous projects of big magnitudes including healthcare, textiles, cold storages, shopping malls & hotels, to the entire satisfaction of their esteemed Clients.

On account of his dedicated, sincere & marvelous services for the HVAC&R profession over a period of 4 decades, he was conferred a “Life Time Achievement Award” by the Pakistan HVACR Society in 2009.

His response to various questions by Engineering Post is as follows,

Q 1:           How can you explain the success of Pakistan HVACR Society?

Answer:   The success of Pakistan HVACR Society is marvelous. Now one can easily judge      that it has become a BRAND after 25 years.

Q 2:           How do you see the future of HVACR Sector in Pakistan?

Answer:   The future of HVACR sector in Pakistan is very bright. It is becoming brighter & brighter day by day.

Q 3:           What as president are your intentions to further improve the functions of the society?

Answer:   As a President, my intentions are, to develop SOPs for different areas of working of the Society, particularly in Expo / Accounting systems; and removing ambiguities in bylaws for the smooth sailing of the Society, in order to strength this institution. My next intentions are, to allocate funds for Research & Development work and for the welfare of the members & the staff and we have to make SOPs for such works after discussions with EC. Another big job is to plan & setup an independent Laboratory with the consultation / collaboration of manufacturers for testing of locally manufactured A/C equipment like split A/C, packaged A/C, Chillers, AHUs & FCUs etc. etc.

Q 4:           What is the core ideology and vision of the HVACR Society?

Answer:   The core ideology and vision of the Society is to promote and advance the arts & sciences of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning & refrigeration for the benefit of the general public of Pakistan.

Q 5:           What attempts are being taken to enhance the membership of society?

Answer:   Member Promotion Committee & Chapters have been assigned the task to enhance the membership in the adjoining areas like Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot etc in Punjab, Hyderabad, Gwadar & Quetta in Sindh & Balochistan, Peshawar, Hattar in PKK and Gilgat & Baltistan & its surroundings areas.

Q 6:           What according to you is the impact of CPEC on HVACR Society?

Answer:   Of course, the business of HVACR industry is going to increase in manifolds.

Q 7:           Many senior industrialists are of the view that CPEC is hitting the interest of the local industry. Do you agree?

Answer:   Yes!! I do agree with it. Our industrialists & businessmen now have to opt some flexible policies to compete for their survival.

Q 8:           Do you think the negative and unethical competition in your industry creating problems for                   everyone?

Answer:   This practice is everywhere in the world. One has to learn to live with it.

Q 9:           Do you think that the major companies in your industry should sit together to   devise a                   strategy to overcome price competition? How can Society be helpful in this regard?

Answer:   We, from the day one, are advising these gentlemen to sit together to work out the methodology & modalities to work out the competitive prices but without sacrificing the quality of the products. Pakistan HVACR Society has a charter to help the manufacturers & vendors to form their Associations where Society can help them, but till to date they could not make their oven platform to work together.

Q 10:         Are you planning to expand society to the some other cities?

Answer:   Yes!! Of course, as I explained above, we are giving to setup Sections & then Chapters at different cities of Pakistan according to the member of members.

Q 11:         Are you satisfied with current standing of the HVACR Society?

Answer:   Yes!! I am satisfied about its pace of progress. Please remember

Q 12:         Do you think that HVACR Society is moving efficiently towards achieving long term and          short term goals?

Answer:   Yes!! Pakistan HVACR Society is steadily moving towards it goals. Our first goal was how to earn and second was, to establish its own offices at each station which by the Grace of Almighty Allah, we have attained. .

Q 13:         Do you think Pakistan needs to manufacture HVAC products locally to reduce             imports?

Answer:   We are very much in favor of manufacturing our own products locally so as to reduce the import burden on the exchequer on one side and to promote the local industry on the other side; but unfortunately, the local industrialists appear to be very conservative. We are repeatedly advising them to have JV / Collaboration with China, Turkey & other countries, but they feel shy to share with them, due to the reasons, best known to them. Let us hope for the best.

Q 14:         Being a role model and a respectable business icon, what is your advice for the youth            of Pakistan?

Answer:   Youth are our assets and the future leaders / business icons. There is no short cut to become a good or ideal business Icon. Step by step progress & growth need honesty, sincerity, hard work & faith in God. The Almighty Allah never disappoints such persons in practical life.

Q 15:         How do you explain the 25 years of HVACR Society?

Answer:   Started with a thought in mind, passion in the heart and the will to succeed; the idea of bringing together all the HVACR community under the banner of “Pakistan HVACR Society” was conceived by the Founding Members. It travelled smoothly 25 years from inception to Silver Jubilee.  What a grand success? One can’t imagine, how big success it is?

Q 16:         What do you think the role Engineering Post is playing to promote the HVAC sector in                   Pakistan?

Answer:   Engineering Post is one of the important tools to promote HVACR sector. Print media always plays a major role in such activities and educates the public & the end users. We wish it should continue to keep it up.

Q 17:         Any important event or idea other than these questions you want to share with the readers?

Answer:   After celebration of Silver Jubilee of Pakistan HVACR Society, our next vision & theme may be “Improvement of the Environments”. It means how to improve “our work”, “ourselves”, “our community”, “our country” & “our world”. I would suggest the readers; let us work together on this mission for our next generations. We, as an individual and as a nation, are badly lacking on this side.