A look at Projects under CPEC framework

Engineering Post Report The second phase of great game changer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)  is already well underway  with an increased emphasis on industrialization  and the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), agriculture modernization , science and technology cooperation, promotion of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled environments and the establishment of Information Technology (IT) and […]

Lesser allocations for development projects slows implementation 

Engineering Post Report Lesser allocations for development  projects under the Public Sector Development  Programme ( PSDP) of the Federal Government  not only slows down their implementation by the executing agencies concerned but also result of cost and  time escalation in some cases  undermining their proposed benefits and objectives. Industries and Production Division is continuing implementation […]

5th Trade Policy Review of Pakistan

Engineering Post Report The Trade Policy Review (TPR)  is a mandatory  exercise which is undertaken by the Trade Policy Review Board of the World Trade Organization (WTO) . The review is undertaken  every seven years  for Pakistan and engages surveillance  of national trade  and economic policies  from view point of multilateralism. Pakistan being one of […]

Slow pace of Main Line -1 and Dry Port near Havelian Projects

Engineering Post Report  Somewhat prestigious and much trumpeted “Up-gradation of Pakistan Railways existing Main Line -1 (ML-1) and establishment of Dry Port near Havelian (2018-22) Phase-1 “development project under the umbrella of great game changer China-Pakistan  Economic Corridor (CPEC) is somehow moving at nails pace. The project was approved by the Executive Committee of  the National […]

High density transport infrastructure and development levels

Engineering Post Report  High density transport infrastructure and highly connected networks across the country all are associated with  high levels of development. Efficient transport systems  quite obviously provide economic and social opportunities that have positive  multiplier effects through better  access to markets, employment, and additional investments both directly and indirectly. On the other hand, somehow deficient  […]

Number of initiatives planned for transmission system improvement

Engineering Post Report  The federal government has planned to take number of initiatives for improvement of the power distribution system in the country during financial year 2022-23. These planned initiatives are briefly mentioned below: Private sector participation in the power transmission system will be encouraged. An integrated plan for national and provincial transmission systems  is to be prepared […]

Glass Wool is not Mineral Wool

By: Mr. Mushfiq Rahman, Director Pakistan Insulations (Pvt) Ltd In industry, both glass wool and mineral wool are used for insulation. However, glass wool and mineral wool are very different from each other and they should not be confused for each other. Recently, it has come to our attention that people in Pakistan glass wool […]

A brief look at Energy and Economy 

Engineering Post Report Energy sector  surely and certainly plays  an important and vital role in the economic development of a country. The recent decades have witnessed a manifold increase  in the demand for energy every where around the globe. The three principal divers of increase in the  energy demand  are the surge in the economic activities,  population growth and rapid […]

Energy Generation through Renewable Heat Phenomena

By: Engr. Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Iqbal The overall intensity of inexhaustible power and sustainable hotness relies upon a country’s way to deal with energy and climate strategy. In certain nations inexhaustible hotness is frustrated by sponsorships for fossil fueled heat. Sustainable hotness innovations incorporate inexhaustible biofuels, solar based warming, geothermal warming, heat siphons and hotness […]

Efforts for promoting Digital Pakistan through development programmes

Engineering Post Report Major thrust  continues to be on  Information and Communication Technology ( ICT)  sector through  number of planned activities during financial year 2022-23 for promoting Digital Pakistan through implementation of number of development schemes and programmes. These planned activities during the new financial year, according to the information available from the official quarters, include : […]

Employed labour force in the country

Engineering Post Report The employed labour force in the country, according to the Labour Force Survey 2021-22,  reached to 67.2 million in 2020-21 from 64 million  in 2018-19 showing an addition of 3.2 million  to employed  work force during the said period. The unemployed labour had  accordingly  decreased slightly  from 4.7 million in 2018-19 to […]

Merger of AEDB into PPIB

Engineering Post Report Originally, the Alternative and Renewable Energy (ARE) project development was within the mandate of the Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB). However, in order to building more focus on ARE in line with the federal government’s international commitments for environmental friendly energy development, the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) was established way back in 2003. From […]