Lesser allocations for development projects slows implementation 

Engineering Post Report

Lesser allocations for development  projects under the Public Sector Development  Programme ( PSDP) of the Federal Government  not only slows down their implementation by the executing agencies concerned but also result of cost and  time escalation in some cases  undermining their proposed benefits and objectives.

Industries and Production Division is continuing implementation of 17 ongoing development schemes where it is scheduled to launch four new projects during financial year 2022-23.

Out of ongoing 17 schemes, at least four development projects are such which are under implementation for  about four to five years and still far from being completed despite their involving low cots due to continuous low allocations under the PSDP every year.

Central Development Working Party (CDWP) had approved development scheme “1000 Industrial Stitching Units Phase-1 (All over Pakistan) ” in February 2018 at an estimated cost of Rs 350.545 million without any foreign aid. Against this, only  Rs 159.401 million were reported to have been spent till end June 2022. Against throw forward of Rs 191.144 million, yet again only much lesser allocation of Rs 89.000 million has been provided in its continued implementation during current financial year.

Likewise,  SME Business Facilitation Centre at Multan was reportedly launched in April 2017 after approval by the Departmental Development Party (DDWP)  at a small cost of Rs 59.890 million  without any foreign assistance. Till end of June 2022,  only Rs 27.433 million were utilized and against throw forward of Rs 32.457 million, only  Rs 15.000 million have been allocation for its continued slow implementation during current financial year.

Other  two slow moving due to lesser allocation schemes of the Industries and Production Division are  “National Business Development Programme for SMEs across Pakistan”  and “Product Development Centre for Composites Based Sports Goods, Sialkot” , both of which were   approved by CDWP in October 2017 and further details are being with-held for want of space, please.

Industries and Production Division  on the whole is implementing 17 ongoing and launching four new schemes during financial year 2022-23 at a total estimated cost of Rs 19012.927 million with no foreign aid with an allocation of Rs 2850.000 million under PSDP 2022-23.