Number of initiatives planned for transmission system improvement

Engineering Post Report 

The federal government has planned to take number of initiatives for improvement of the power distribution system in the country during financial year 2022-23.

These planned initiatives are briefly mentioned below:

Private sector participation in the power transmission system will be encouraged.

An integrated plan for national and provincial transmission systems  is to be prepared under Transmission System Expansion Plan. All Provincial Grid Companies and Special Purpose Transmission Licensees will share their respective expansion plans  with the National Grid Company, prior to implementation,  in order to get them synchronized  with  the Special Purpose Transmission Licensees.

The capacity of the National Transmission and Despatch    Company (NTDC)  will be enhanced  to immediately implement  Supervisory  Control and Data Acquisition and construct/operate  HVFC transmission lines  and  Land Acquisition Acts needs will also be reviewed  and amended accordingly  after  suitable  consultations with all the stakeholders.

Right of way/ land acquisition  issues in the implementation  of the power generation , transmission and distribution sector projects will also be addressed with the support of the provincial governments concerned.

 Meanwhile according to the information available from the Power Division of the Federal Government,  the NTDC  transmission system has been strengthened during financial year 2021-22  with the addition of 2400 MVA, 3653 MVA and 4000 MW on 500KV,220KV and 660 KV  network respectively for evacuation of additional  power to the National Grid. The existing  transmission lines  have also been extended  by addition  of 549 km , 900 km and 1772 km on 500 KV, 220 KV and 660 KIV  respectively.

NTDC with its head office at Lahore was incorporated in November  1998 after unbundling of WAPDA  and it commenced  commercial operations in December 1998, it  links  power generation  units with the load centres  all over the country including Karachi and operates and maintains  16  500 KV grid stations and 45  220  KV grid stations all over the country.