Employed labour force in the country

Engineering Post Report

The employed labour force in the country, according to the Labour Force Survey 2021-22,  reached to 67.2 million in 2020-21 from 64 million  in 2018-19 showing an addition of 3.2 million  to employed  work force during the said period.

The unemployed labour had  accordingly  decreased slightly  from 4.7 million in 2018-19 to 4.5 million  in 2020-21 indicating that  0.2 million  people were added to the employed  labour force in the country which showed that unemployment rate had gone down during the same period from 6.9 per cent  to 6.3 per cent indicating  decrease of almost  0.6 per cent.

The unemployment rate of 6.3 per cent was still regarded on the higher side  because of slowdown of economic activities  in employment  intensive sectors , higher population growth and a huge  skill gap.

According to the experts,  Pakistan continues  to face a set of complex economic , social and political challenges, including  low levels of investment and high  inflation rates. Consequently, the outlook of the labour market  somewhat continues to be quite gloomy, especially in the context of  creating higher quality jobs,.

However, the initiatives taken by the federal government coupled with packages in addition to the provincial initiatives to boot economic activities, mitigate the adverse impact of persisting pandemic of COVID-19 , though slightly on the lower side, on employment  generation  and creating  employment opportunities in various sectors of the national economy.