Merger of AEDB into PPIB

Engineering Post Report

Originally, the Alternative and Renewable Energy (ARE) project development was within the mandate of the Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB).

However, in order to building more focus on ARE in line with the federal government’s international commitments for environmental friendly energy development, the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) was established way back in 2003. From the administrative  prospective, the AEDB was essentially tasked with  the similar  functions as that of  PPIB’s, except that its scope  was limited to  development of ARE projects, resulting in duplication of  of functions, resources and efforts mainly among other things.

In view of this not so appreciable and unproductive situation,  the federal government  has decided  that the mandate of the AEDB  may be brought back to the fold of the PPIB  by merging of AEDB with PPIB.. This will also dovetail with the Competitive  Trading Bilateral Contracts which  envisions an Independent Auction  Agent that will be assigned with the task of conducting the auctions/ biddings on behalf of the DISCOs; where PPIB has single entity  will now be acting  as the Independent  Auction Agent. In this regard, after due process, the Private Power Infrastructure Board (Amendment) Bill 2022 was introduced in the National Assembly and was passed after going through the usual parliamentary procedures sometime back.