1st Successful project under TDF

Lahore: In the 3rd week of September 2019 an HEC spokesperson informed the media that the first successful project under TDF has come to light. Technology Development Fund (TDF), is a new initiative by the HEC to provide financial and technical support for the development of products. Up till now 126 projects have been approved for funding so far

One if these projects with the title “Transforming Biomass Ash Residues into Commercialisable Products“  has been successful. This project was initiated by  Dr Basit Yameen from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) with Bulle shah Industries. The project is aimed at converting the waste material biomass Ash into usable commercial products.  Dr Amir Said, from Bulleh Shah Packaging (BSP) Pvt Ltd partnered up with Dr. Basit and has started pilot production.

The Researchers involved in this project, Dr Basit Yameen and Dr Abdul Wakeel are working to covert the waste material into pavement material and if possible plant growth supplement . The whole project is worth Rs18.474 million wherein the industrial contribution is Rs4.530 million. Based on promising results, the project team has developed several laboratory scale formulations to fabricate pavers with a range of compressive strengths.