36.6MW added through Daral Khwar Hydro Power project

PESHAWAR: In the 3rd week of September The KP Government successfully completed another hydro power project at Daral Khawar. This peoject added 36.6 MW to the national grid. Annually this project will generate 154GWh electricity which will earn Rs.1.2 billion for provincial exchequer.

HPP is located in district Swat about having distance 185 KM from Peshawar

PEDO has identified around 6000-megawatt hydropower potential at various sites in the province and the selected sites are at different stages of implementation.

PEDO has successfully completed six small and medium-sized hydel power projects including 81.00 MW Malakand-Ill, 18.00 MW Pehur, 1.80 MW Shishi, 4.20 MW Reshun, 2.40 MW Machai and 17.00 MW Ranolia Projects in the province