1MW solar plant installed at President House

The President house of Pakistan has been completely converted to solar energy after installation of 1MW solar PV plant was completed.

The project for the solarisation of Presidency was undertaken by Engro. With the completion of this project the Presidency of Pakistan is now one of the few presidencies in the world fully powered by clean and green energy.

This project will result in an annual decrease of 1400 tonnes of Carbon emissions to the environment. In terms of savings it is being estimated that this solarisation project will save 32 million rupees annually to the national exchequer. In addition to that all the surplus energy produced through solar power will be provided to the national grid.

According to sources before the installation of solar PV panels a detailed audit was conducted at the president house regarding daily monthly and yearly peak consumption. According to the results of that audit multiple energy conservation measures were taken to ensure efficient utilisation of energy at the presidency.