121,310 jobs generated by Large Scale Manufacturing

According to the data compiled by Sindh Bureau of Statistics the Large scale Manufacturing (LSM) sector of Pakistan has been able to generate 121,310 jobs during the period of July to March in the current fiscal year.

The industries and employment sector had taken a severe hit due to the lockdowns imposed due to COVID-19. Although things are starting to get better now but there is still a long way to go until complete normalizations.

According to the data, vegetable ghee industries in the province provided 2,451 jobs. Sugar industry provided 8186 jobs whereas tea industries generated 3,117 jobs. The Beverage industry generated 3375 employment while the cotton textile employment generation stood 53,415.

Leather tanning industry generated 6675 employment this year and paper & paper board generated 2,113 jobs. Generation of employment in pharmaceutical sector stood at 7,174. Fertilizer sector created 979 jobs while the soap industries generated 2249 jobs during this fiscal year.

Tyres and tubes industry created 5,684 jobs. Cement sector generated 4,988 jobs while the Automobile sector created 16209 jobs in the first nine months of current fiscal year..