Wind power projects National grid received 300MW

Additional Deputy Commissioner-I Muhammad Usman Tanveer claimed that there is a huge potential for wind power generation through wind power projects and more than 300 MW power is being supplied to the National grid from different wind power generating projects.

While briefing about the developmental projects, history, culture, civilization and archeological sites of Thatta to the participants of PMS Probationer officers of grade 17 at Darbar Hall DC Office Thatta, he said District Administration Thatta is endeavoring to provide adequate facilities in various sectors including municipal services, health, education, water supply, transportation, parks and recreational activities to the public in the district.

ADC-I during his briefing to participants informed that Thatta district keeps a very rich historical and cultural importance in Sindh province and it is also known as gateway to Islam. District Thatta is comprised on 4 Tahseels, 40 Union Councils and an area of 3069 square miles, while 106 kilometers coastal belt is also included, he added. He added that Makli Necropolis is also located in the Thatta, which is known as the largest graveyard. “There are so many recreational, historical and archaeological sites like Shah Jahan Mosque, Bhambhore, Keenjhar Lake, Haleji Lake and Sonda graveyard, which causes great attraction of visitors to Thatta”, he added.