Understand PLC Basics and its Job application in the industry

Enercon Systems helping country for a competent Engineering Force

Mr. Imran Zafar, Country Manager, Enercon Systems International talks to Engineering Post

Mr. Imran Zafar is an Electrical Engineer from NED University and has done MBA Exe from IoBM. He started Enercon Operations in Pakistan as its Country Manager back in 2012 and now Enercon is one of the premium companies to provide high profile & complex Synchronization solutions.

He had rich global experience in Power & Energy solutions working abroad & in Pakistan with Multinational giants. Engineering post participated in a training session held at Enercon and took the opportunity to ask about his activities and objectives with these initiatives.

EP:  Tell us about today’s event and what are your future plans?

We aim to help our country with a competent engineering force. There are thousands of engineering graduates passing out every year but they severely lack the skills and attitude required to excel in the professional world.  I, in my capacity, as well as with other platforms trying my best to educate undergraduates & fresh graduates on their shortcomings. 

At Enercon, we have started series of sessions where we share with engineers’ knowledge about the industry, different jobs for engineers, their scope, and skills required for each type of job. 

Our today’s session name was “Understand PLC Basics and its Job application in the industry” where we have covered PLC use via real project examples of Enercon Generator Control projects.

EP:  Do you charge fees for these events and how students can apply?

All these sessions are absolutely free as we are doing as a service to our nation & community.

Students can reach us for future events by visiting our website www.enerconsys.com or via our social media pages on Linked-in & Facebook or call us at 92 21 3432 5252.

EP:  Do you want to say that standard of our universities is below par?

I would say everyone has their role i.e., University, Industry, and the student himself. University provides you theoretical knowledge and degree, while industry provides you practical training and learning opportunities however in between student has to do a lot of work in finding right focus and additional knowledge to attract their target industry.

EP:  Can you elaborate on how students can attract industry as they depend on their university & alumni in liaising them with the industry?

Actually, many students are focusing only on big names, however famous Ali Baba’s owner Jack Ma said, it is best to start with a small company where you learn passion to grow.

So, Students should be well aware of who their possible employers are and how they can grow with each provided they do their part. If they know and prepare them and approach them in advance, it will make them different from others, all these we are explaining in our sessions more in detail.

Further, you can directly ask for feedback from students who are attending this session,

Students feedback from the session, “Understand PLC Basics and its Job application in the industry”:

It was a highly informative session in which the industrial experts from Enercon familiarize us with the applications of PLC in industries. And I think this training would definitely provide me an edge over other students while I will be in a competitive job searching environment.

(Haris Shehbaz – NED University)

EP:  What are other platforms you are working with?

IEEEP Karachi center is quite active and we have a yearly schedule of events involving Industries and Academia. I am currently serving them as their Honorary Join secretary. They have the next big event scheduled on 26th & 27th May 2021, 36th Intl Symposium.

Similarly, I am also serving IEEE Power & Energy society as their Secretary, these interactions provide me direct feedback about issues on the industry & academia side.

EP:  Lastly, we would like to know your view on the business situation in the country and how is Enercon progressing?

There is no doubt that 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, Allah has made us through. I am personally quite optimistic about 2021. our textile, Cement, Steel, IT, Automobile sectors are getting export & local orders and the chain effect continues and helps everyone involved.

We are a population of over 220 million and International investors do see us as a big market too, when they invest in the local industry, we do get a better economy and better job market.

Alhamdulillah, Enercon has now established a well-reputed name in premier and high-profile Generator control & synchronizing projects in Pakistan serving across all industries.