Counterfeit KITZ products causing huge losses for the industry

A conversation with CEO Star Corporation Mr. Majid Naseer

STAR CORPORATION was established and has been working in the local market since 1963. Star Corporation identifies as the largest Stockholders and Importers of VALVES, PIPES, FITTINGS and supplier of world best brands of Energy Control & Transmission Products. The company is the authorised distributor of Famous brands like KITZ- Japan, Yositake-ADCA products.

Engineering Post had a very thorough conversation with CEO of Star Corporation Mr Majid Naseer about the menace of counterfeit items and how they are leading to huge losses for the industry. During the conversation Mr Majid Naseer revealed that one of the most counterfeited item in the country are the valves of KITZ Japan. The original valves from Kitz are of such high quality that 95% of the valves used in Japan are made by KITZ. The unmatched reliability and efficiency of Kitz has made it one of the most trusted brand in the market. But unfortunately people have started making counterfeit models of Kitz which are extremely inferior in quality. “The valves manufactured by Kitz are made from solid bars of brass while the counterfeits are made from scrap.  Sometimes even used valves are imported and refurbished and then resold in the market,” said Mr. Majid Naseer. Such products can never match the quality and reliability of original products. An estimate suggests that more than 70 percent of valves being sold in the market by the name of Kitz are either fake or counterfeit labelled such because of the popularity of the brand. A layman cannot distinguish between the two and ends up buying fake products.

Star Corporation has been working with Kitz as the sole authorised distributor in Pakistan for the last 25 years. They provide all the certifications with the valves of Kitz “We provide Material Test Certificate (MTC) with our valves. Our product can be tracked using the barcode and can even be verified from the company,” he added.

But regrettably the consumer focuses on short term cost savings and ends up using fake products. Realistically speaking the use of fake valves can be extremely damaging for the industry. For example the leakage of steam can result in increased fuel consumption which will drives up the cost of operation. A faulty valve can potentially lead to complete stoppage of operations every couple of years. “Using genuine products from proper distributors saves you from the nuisance of maintenance costs which add up to more than you save at the time of installation. A genuine valve if operated properly will not require maintenance or repair for at least 15-20 years,” added Mr Majid.

It has been observed that at the time of contract the consultants suggest the highest quality of products to be used for production. But at the time of execution the contractors go for cheaper products to ensure cost savings. During the exclusive interview with Engineering Post Mr. Majid Naseer suggested a solution for this problem. “This can be managed if the consultants ask for MTCs to be produced by the contractors. These certificates are only available with genuine products and then the contractors will be bound to buy original products from authorised distributors,” he said.