Solid waste management Chinese interested to invest in Punjab

Around 200 heads and representatives of Chinese companies participated in a road-show held in Beijing in end July and showed their keen interest in investment opportunities offered by Punjab government in solid waste management program in urban and rural areas.

The road-show jointly organised by the Punjab government and Pakistan Embassy in Beijing was attended by Punjab Minister for Local Government, Khawaja Manshaullah Butt, technical experts and senior officials of the Punjab government.

The technical team briefed the participants about investment opportunities in solid waste collection and transportation, landfill constructions and operation management, waste to energy projects and hospital waste management projects.

Speaking on the occasion, the minister invited the Chinese entrepreneurs to come forward and take advantage of investment friendly policies and peaceful environment in Punjab province.

The minister said the long term cooperation between Pakistan and the Chinese companies will provide an opportunity to learn new expertise and experience for better management of solid waste.

The Punjab government will provide full support and facilitation to the companies that would invest in the proposed projects, he added.

He said the participation of such a large number of companies in the road-show is manifestation of market potential in Pakistan and the long-standing Pak-China deep rooted friendship.

Terming the launch of urban and rural waste management plan a right step towards ensuring a green and friendly environment, he said the Punjab province has abundant natural and human resources and the Chinese businessmen should take benefit of these opportunities. The Ambassador said more than 19,000 Chinese are already working in different projects under safe and friendly environment. The participants were informed the provincial government has allocated Rs 15 billion in the budget for the current financial year to extend solid waste management program to five big cities, 25 smaller cities in Lahore division and 194 cities across the Punjab province.

Under the cleaner city plan, the institutions concerned have been reformed and waste management companies have been formulated in major cities of the Punjab. The department responsible for solid waste management in Lahore district has recently expanded its scope to the adjoining districts of Kasur, Sheikhupura and Nankana Sahib.

The investors have been invited in collection and transportation of municipal solid waste from designated collection points to disposal sites in the three news districts. The Chinese companies have also been asked to help in setting up a commercial scale bio gas plant with a capacity to use more than 300 tons of cattle waste per day. The produced bio-gas will be supplied to SNGPL for distribution to the local community.

The investment opportunities have also been offered in hospital waste management. Four autoclave facilities will be established to consume 20 ton per day of infectious waste.