Seminar on water systems and applications organized by PSPP

The Pakistan Society of Plumbing Professionals (PSPP) organized a one day event on 19th December by the topic of Water systems and applications. The event was arranged at IEP building, Karachi. President PSPP Mr Sajjad Ghani delivered the welcome address while the keynote speech was delivered by Chairman IEP Mr. Sohail Bashir. Vice Chancellor, NED University, Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodhi was the chief guest of the event. He highlighted the importance of plumbing and the plumbing professionals in the current times and emphasized on high quality products and services for the projects.

The event was well attended by the professional community. Seniors of the profession and representatives of different companies attended the event.

Different innovative ideas were discussed during the event. Mr. Ammar Jangbarwala, CEO, MyWater introduced the idea of “Replacing Mineral water with domestic R.O” while Dr. Mansoor Ahmed, CEO, Global Environmental Engineering Technologies discussed the endless possibilities of domestic and commercial application of Waste Water. Mr. Rashid Fayyaz from Pak Arab offered a detailed product presentation.

The mechanism and advantages of drip water irrigation were also discussed during the ceremony. According to a recent report of World Bank 80% of Pakistan’s water is wasted due to the prevailing method of flood irrigation.  Drip water irrigation can substantially reduce wastage of water.

An MoU was also signed between PSPP and IEP for cooperation and coordination in future.

Mr. Abbas Sajid, General Secretary, PSPP made the closing remarks and thanked the audience for showing up in big number.

The ceremony was highly informative and the efforts of the society were extensively appreciated by the participants. The attendees requested the PSPP to arrange more informative events like this in the future.