Govt to improve fuel quality in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the government had decided that by end of year 2020, Euro-5 fuel would be imported, while the recent fuel would be converted into Euro-4. In Pakistan Euro-2 standard is applied while the world has gone to Euro-6 technology. This initiative is being taken to slow down the deleterious […]

Pakistani consortium to bid for oil exploration in Abu Dhabi

A consortium of  Pakistani companies comprising of  PPL, Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL), Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and Government Holdings Private Limited (GHPL) is all set to participate in bidding for one block of hydrocarbon in Abu Dhabi. The consortium has been formed on the basis of equal participation. After carrying out […]

Value Additions of Artificial Intelligence

By Muhammad Nawaz Iqbal Typical artificial intelligence examines its condition and takes activities that boost its risk of progress. An AI’s proposed utility capacity (or objective) can be basic if the AI dominates a match of Go, 0 generally or complex Do numerically comparable activities to the ones prevailing before. Objectives can be unequivocally characterized […] | Pakistan’s First and Largest Online Machinery Trading Platform

Over the years, the advent of Pakistan’s online market has grasped the attention of entrepreneurs. They not only aim to target potential customers but also, to innovate and make things easier for people. Apart from the aspects of globalization and digitization, the online domain is on fire. From the entrepreneur’s outlook, the online market in […]

35th IEEEP All Pakistan Students’ Seminar on 29 January 2020

Karachi: The Institution of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Pakistan (IEEEP) Karachi Centre in collaboration with DHA Suffa University is organizing 2020 35th edition of an annual technical and research event for all HEIs/DAIs in Pakistan running undergraduate/postgraduate programmes in the domain of Electrical, Computer, & Software Engineering/Computer Science/ICT with majors in Electronics, Power, Energy, Telecommunications, […]

Engineering Post extending its global reach

Media partnership agreements signed with Expotim and Ladin, Africa     In a bid to create a presence in every part of the Globe, Engineering Post has been working extensively to initiate strategic media partnerships all around the world. Alhamdulillah we have been very successful in this regard. Engineering Post has strengthened its foothold in […]

35th IEEEP Multi-topic Int. Symposium 2020 on February 26 & 27 at Karachi

Largest International Conference of Electrical, Electronics and Allied Disciplines on Latest Trends and Technologies in Pakistan is being held at Karachi on 26-28 February. Organized by the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan (IEEEP), Karachi Centre, this is 35th IEEEP Multi-Topic International Symposium. Eminent speakers and engineers from within the Country and abroad shall […]

Railways 9 development projects are likely to be completed soon

Engineering Post Report Pakistan Railways 4 development projects are likely to be completed any time after suffering from cost and time over-run in varying figures. In view of this, only token allocation of Rs 5 million has been made for each of these projects in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2019-20. Special Repair of […]

NHA expanding road linkage all over Pakistan

Engineering Post Report Sustainable economic development of Pakistan  is quite obviously dependent on a robust and low-cost  transport and logistics sector. The federal government  is fully aware  of the vital role  the transport and logistics sector plays in the national economic development and in improving  the competitiveness  in exports from the country to foreign countries […]

Integrated Energy Plan formulated

Engineering Post Report The energy side bottlenecks  have hampered the economic growth of the country in the past. In order to address the energy sector shortage , massive projects were planned and launched  by the previous governments between 2013-18 adding a cumulative  capacity of 12230 megawatt of power to the power generation capacity. However , […]

An insight in the Automobile Industry

Engineering Post Report The automobile sector continues to stand out as one of the best performing  amongst the large-scale  manufacturing sectors in terms of providing jobs, revenues and  bringing in  technological advancements in the country. Presently, there may be transient deceleration in its growth, but as the Auto Policy 2016-21  is going to bear fruits,  […]

Seminar on water systems and applications organized by PSPP

The Pakistan Society of Plumbing Professionals (PSPP) organized a one day event on 19th December by the topic of Water systems and applications. The event was arranged at IEP building, Karachi. President PSPP Mr Sajjad Ghani delivered the welcome address while the keynote speech was delivered by Chairman IEP Mr. Sohail Bashir. Vice Chancellor, NED […]