Safe City project Punjab govt may get Rs35bn loan

Punjab government is considering to get Rs 35 billion loan for smooth implementation of the Safe City project.

Punjab government has initiated the project in the provincial metropolis with a goal to spread all around the province. However, financial constraints are yet proving a stumbling block to the smooth implementation of the project.

The Safe City project is a concept for returning security, safety, and quality of life to today’s complex cities through the use of technology, infrastructure, personnel, and processes. Inflated populations in the inner cities result in crime, vandalism, and a major target for terrorism. This directly impacts the country’s economic, political, and personal well-being. Municipal surveillance demands a non-intrusive security solution while at the same time must address the diverse range of sensitivities, routines, and systems used by various emergency services (police, fire, health, emergency services, etc.)

The Punjab Safe Cities Authority, to be established under the Punjab Safe Cities Ordinance 2015, will ensure establishment, development, and maintenance of a command, control, and communications system (IC3) in major towns in the province for people’s security. Reportedly, the plan has three parts – one is installing cameras everywhere in the city, second is to monitor the city through them and give information to police for action, and the third is the response itself.

The key element is the police response to the digitally obtained information of a crime and its location.