PPIB facilitating 13 Power Generation Projects under CPEC

Engineering Post Report

Pakistan is duly benefitting from the great game changer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) through development of multi-sector infrastructure  projects in different parts of the country including various projects in the energy sector.

On the whole, according to the information gathered from the quarters concerned,  13 power generation projects of 11648 MW  are being facilitated by the Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) under CPEC.

These include four hydropower projects of 3428 MW,  five Thar-coal based projects of 3960 MW , another  four imported  coal-based projects  of 4260 MW and a 660 KV  High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission Line.

Out of these, three imported coal-based projects of 3960 MW  and one Thar coal-based power project of  660  have since been commissioned while 660 KV  Matiari-Lahore HVDC Transmission Line has also commenced operations on commercial basis with effect from September 01,2021.

This is not only the first transmission line project   developed by the private sector but also the first ever HVDC transmission line in Pakistan as well.

Furthermore, another  nine IPPs of  7028 MW including four hydro IPPs of 3428 MW , four Thar coal-based IPPs  of 3300 MW and one imported v=coal based IPP of 300 MW  at different stages of their processing and completion.

Besides the paramount  advantage of generating much needed electricity, these project would also play instrumental role in promoting economic development, creating employment opportunities and improving  livelihoods through social and development works at their respective locations, the sources maintained.