IEEE PES Karachi chapter organizes technical activity at Karachi

On June 30th, 2022, a technical activity was organized by IEEE PES Chapter Karachi at Sunset Club, Karachi. This was the 2nd technical activity of the year. A versatile event was arranged where more than 30 participants and industry leaders got together and engaged with each other as IEEE is committed to serve Engineering Professional […]

RETC names Trina Solar ‘Overall High Achiever’ for Vertex 670W series modules

‘outstanding reliability, performance and quality’ Trina Solar has been recognized as an “Overall High Achiever” in the PV Module Index Report 2022 published by the independent Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC) in California. Trina Solar’s ultra-high power 670W series modules offer excellent reliability, superb performance and superior quality, and have passed a number of RETC tests that are […]

Mass production of new-generation 430W Vertex S begins

Trina Solar is delivering the ultra-high performance modules for all rooftops The Trina Solar 210 Super Factory in Yiwu, China, officially began mass producing its new generation of Vertex S 430W module in third week of June 2022, marking the modules’ start of full-scale production. The estimated production capacity of the new Vertex series including […]

Population, Labor Force and Employment by Sectors

Engineering Post Report The human resource of a country quite obviously plays a vital role not only in the economic development  but also  for the social well being of the people. However,  proper management  of  human resource  can boost  economic performance and reduce  social distress also. Pakistan’s 5th most populous country in  the world, According […]

A look at Pakistan’s imports 

Engineering Post Report Pakistan’s total imports during July -March FY2022 clocked at US $ 58.9 billion  as compared to US $ 39.5 billion in the same period last year, showing a growth of as much as 49.1 per cent . The increase in imports was recorded in  all the major groups. Multiple factors were reported […]

Karachi Transformation Plan is still intact 

Engineering Post Report Contrary to all apprehensions and fears, Karachi Transformation Plan (KTP) is still intact as it has been duly mentioned in the Federal Budget 2022-23 documents such as the Annual Plan 2022-23 of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives , Planning Commission, Islamabad. The then Prime Minister had announced the comprehensive […]

Made in Pakistan – Tractor Industry-A Success Story

Engineering Post Report The tractor industry is a success story of Pakistan’s manufacturing sector. The industry has established itself on firm footing by achieving more than 90 per cent localization in the production of tractors. The country is not only meeting the local demand  for tractors effectively but also producing  exportable surplus as well.  Given […]

Digital Pakistan’s Performance Review

Engineering Post Report Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) serve as an effective tool for the dissemination of information and provision of services.  It enhances productivity, optimization of resources, transparency and accountability. The ICT sector of Pakistan is showing promising  growth in many areas such as Software Development, Business Processes Outsourcing and Provision of  Digital Services. […]

Strategic Trade Policy Framework Developed

Engineering Post Report Federal Ministry of Commerce  has developed the Strategic Trade Policy Framework (STPF) 2020-25  which aims at enhancing export competitiveness of Pakistan through a framework of interventions having an impact across the value chains. The policy has been formulated after holding  extensive consultations  both with the private and public  sector stakeholders after critically  analyzing  […]

A Look at Measures for revamping of PIA

Engineering Post Report National airline, PIA, is in the process of taking various measures for revamping its operations in FY2022.b Some of these measures being mentioned below briefly. PIA has started replenishment of its fleet and accordingly is adding on new aircrafts in its fleet. PIA has added two A320  in the first quarter of 2022 […]

Measures Underway for Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Engineering Post Report Pakistan has the potential to save up to 10-15 percent  of primary energy supply through energy efficiency and conservation measures, In order to achieve this goal, the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) has developed  NEECA Strategic Plan 2020-23  implementation of which is underway in three phases. The first phase FY 2019-20 […]