A Look at Measures for revamping of PIA

Engineering Post Report

National airline, PIA, is in the process of taking various measures for revamping its operations in FY2022.b Some of these measures being mentioned below briefly.

PIA has started replenishment of its fleet and accordingly is adding on new aircrafts in its fleet. PIA has added two A320  in the first quarter of 2022 and also plans to add four more  Airbuses A320s during 2022.

The decision of induction of fuel efficient narrow body  aircraft  overall fits perfectly in PIA’s new new direction to capitalize and consolidate itself on the productive domestic and regional routes, paying the way for expansion back on the medium and long haul routes of Europe, UK and North America,

PIA engineering and Maintenance capability has been enhanced to handle state of the art  modern fleet including Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350/A330/A320 NEO fleet.

PIA Engineering and Maintenance regulatory approval-base has also considerably been increased. In addition to approval from PCAA, PIA  holds regulatory approvals from foreign civil aviation authorities like QCAA (Qatar), PACA (Oman), GACA (Saudi Arabia), BCAA (Bahrain) and CAASL (Sri Lanka).

A very effective baggage identification system WTR (World Tracer Management) has also been introduced  through the misplaced baggage is delivered to the passengers in a very short time.

Manpower rationalization has also been achieved. Cabin crew strength has accordingly been brought down from 1500 plus in 2019 to 1025in 2021,

PIA has also reduced its workforce by nearly 40 per cent from 14500 regular employees  to 8156  bringing per aircraft ratio from 550 to 250 , it will come down further to 230 in the coming months.,

PIA fleet comprised 36 planes in 2017, which came down to 32 in 2019 and further down to 30  in 2020 and 2021.

PIA route was 360937 kilometers in  2017 which rose to 778609 kilometers in 2020 and slashed down sharply to 374054 kilometers in 2021.

During calendar year 2021 2021 , PIA revenue  was Rs 86185  million against expenses were Rs 101212 million. Financial year of the national airline is based on the calendar year.