Measures Underway for Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Engineering Post Report

Pakistan has the potential to save up to 10-15 percent  of primary energy supply through energy efficiency and conservation measures,

In order to achieve this goal, the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) has developed  NEECA Strategic Plan 2020-23  implementation of which is underway in three phases.

The first phase FY 2019-20 was  the institutionalization  of the energy efficiency  and conservation  at the national and provincial levels.

The  second phase was the operationalization of policy and actions which was  implemented during FY 2020-21.

Third phase is the implementation of the action plans which is to be implemented during financial year 2022-23.with the aim of achieving the 3 MTOE energy savings in five strategic sectors including industrial sector,public sector, transport sector,  power sector and agriculture sector.

According to the information available, NEECA has developed draft of National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Policy with the consultation of all stakeholders involved  which will serve as the guiding  principle and provide  roadmap  for energy  efficiency  and conservation measures. The draft policy has since been submitted for consideration and approval by the federal cabinet after which  it will be enforced at the appropriate level accordingly.

Furthermore, NEECA is also working on the projects of Building Code, Electrical Vehicles and appliances efficiency.

NEECA has already conducted several studies including Pakistan renewable hydrogen energy pre-feasibility study, E-mobility study on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Industrial Decarbonization  study for Pakistan .

The Authority  has also conducted  energy audits of 37 sugar industries and 10 captive power plants  during the just concluded financial year  and launched  Minimum Energy Performance Standards of Appliances i.e. LEDs and Motors.