PEACE Cable partners Cybernet

Karachi: At the start of September PEACE Cable International Network Co., Ltd signed an MoU with Pakistani carrier Cybernet. A landing party aggrement has also been initiated in the 4th Asia-Pacific Submarine Networks forum.

The Cable will initiate in Pakistan, connect to Djibouti and a number of other African, Middle Eastern and European countries and end in France providing critical interconnection to Asia, Europe, and Africa economic corridors.

PEACE (Pakistan East Africa Cable Express) has a total capacity of 60Tbps which is higher than the previous cable systems Pakistan has such as AAE-I(Local partner PTCL) with a design capacity of 40Tbps and SMW-5(Local partner Transworld) with a design capacity of 24Tbps.

Sun Xiaohua, COO of PEACE, said, “After nearly two months of consultation, the cooperation and negotiation between the PEACE and landing partners has been completed. Thanks to all the partners for their support and I hope that PEACE will bring added economic value to the region in the near future.”

Danish A Lakhani CEO of Cybernet, said, “We are excited about working on the PEACE project and the numerous benefits that the PEACE Cable will bring to Pakistan and its digital economy. In addition to providing much needed redundancy to Pakistan’s internet infrastructure and reducing latency to Western destinations, this ultra-high capacity cable will usher in a new era of affordable Gigabit services in the country. Furthermore, as a carrier neutral cable system, it will enable other telecom carriers, ISPs, CDN and content providers to extend its benefits across the spectrum of Pakistani society.”