Nashpa Oil & Gas and LPG project inaugurated

While addressing a public gathering after inaugurating Neshpa Oil & Gas and LPG project in Karak, The Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, has said that during last five years Pakistan has made tremendous progress in all the sectors especially energy, oil, gas and LPG and the country has been producing surplus electricity.
The Prime Minister said that the government soon after assuming power concentrated on oil & gas and other projects of energy sector and has initiated scores of energy projects to tackle the menace of power outages in the country.

He said, today, power load-shedding has become a story of the past and only taking place in high line losses areas. In this connection, the Prime Minister also referred to IMF report, which speaks of government’s success story simply by overcoming energy crisis and significant increase in power production.

The Prime Minister said that LNG and power plants were smoothly running in the country and the foreign investment has multiplied owing to improvement in energy and gas situation in the country.

Despite limited resources, the PM appreciated OGDCL and others were completing mega projects such as Neshpa Oil & Gas and LPG project that would save billions of rupees in revenue for the country besides producing hundreds of thousands of cubic feet inexpensive gas for people.

The local people of Karak and adjoining areas will get jobs and other economic benefits and will be provided gas facility at their doorsteps.

The Prime Minister announced the construction of Shakar Dara and Banda Daud Shah roads and directed OGDCL to establish a model school in the premises of Neshpa and LPG projects.