Multitek Engineering and Services is highly regarded for quality products

Mr. Ayaz Butt, Country Sales Manager/Director Multitek sharing his experiences with Engineering Post

Mr Ayaz has been in the industry for more than 3 decades now and has experience in a plethora of fields. He has worked with component manufactures as well as switchgear manufacturers. He is currently working as Country Sales Manager/Director at Multitek Engineering Services (MES) (Pvt) Ltd. Mr Ayaz Butt talked to Engineering Post and provided valuable insights regarding the market conditions and the business ventures of MES.
Multitek Engineering and Services (MES), was established in 2005. The primary business is power generation and HVAC projects and supply of allied equipment. But with the passage of time the company has evolved. Now their scope of work involves manufacturing facility for sound attenuated enclosures, fuel tanks, Power and control panels, generator set mobile trolleys Switchgears and Piping work including installation testing and commissioning. MES also offers complete turnkey power projects for all rating of generator sets and power plants.
Mr Ayaz revealed that after a recent Joint venture MES has also started the work of Generator coupling. As part the company’s mission to diversify its horizon MES is will also venture into civil works very soon.
Mr. Ayaz offered a very interesting observation regarding the current economic conditions and the prevailing market situation. He said that “Although there is a noticeable decrease in business due to the present circumstances, still many companies are growing and expanding. So the development is not just negative and gradually the businesses are stabilizing.”
The main issue that he pointed out was that due to the recent price hike people have become extremely price conscious. Consequently there is a marked decline in the quality of products. “We at MES believe that instead of manufacturing low quality products it is better to make no products at all. Multitek is very highly regarded in the circles of quality conscious people because of our reliable products” he said.
MES keeps record of the quality of the product starting from the raw material being used. Only authorised dealers are engaged and guarantee certificates are provided for everything. That is one of the main reasons that MES has a growing list of satisfied customers. “One of the most distinguishing features of MES is its immaculate fabrication. We are importing laser cutting machines for fabrication which will increase the cosmetic beauty of our product in addition to substantially increasing its quality,” he added.
While commenting on improving the indigenous manufacturing capacity of our industry he said that there is nothing that we cannot achieve if we put our mind to it. This is the right time to start our own manufacturing when import is getting harder. “It is unfathomable to me that we as a Nuclear power cannot manufacture circuit breakers in our country and we need to import them. It is just not right. We need to start taking new initiatives if we want to survive in this cutthroat environment” he explained. Similarly all the type tested panels need to be imported into the country as they are not being manufactured locally. This needs to change fast.
In his concluding remarks he mentioned that under the leadership of Mr. Shoaib Sohail many processes have been streamlined in the company which has led to a substantial increase in efficiency. After the separation of electrical department we have intensified our efforts in R&D. Currently we are working on modifications and up gradations of panels. The laser cutting machine is just one part of that improvement process. “We are also establishing a plant for manufacturing Cable tray/ cable ladder which will further diversify our product line” he said
“I believe that in the next four to five years MES will be one of the top companies in the country” he added.