Ministry of Science & Technology’s trade related interventions

Engineering Post Report

Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) is undertaking trade related interventions  through Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), Pakistan National Accreditation  Council (PNAC) and National Physical and Standards laboratory (NPSL).

According to the information available from MoST sources,  these organizations are actively  involved in export enhancement,, trade increasing  and improving  health and safety  of consumers through  mandatory and voluntary  standards.

PSQCA formulates and promulgates standards, PNAC  assists in  expansion of trade through  accreditation of laboratories and certification bodies whereas  PNSL  is responsible  for traceability of metrology standards.

During financial year 2019-20, the sources said,  PNAC accredited  testing and calibration laboratory and  certification body in Bahrain and Qatar. Furthermore,  PNAC  also received applications for accreditation  on various standards including halal accreditation  from countries such as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Germany which are currently being processed at the appropriate level.

The sources pointedly stated in response to queries that the industry focused research and developmet is the prime impetus of the MoST.

Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) with a network  of 17  research laboratories and units  including 6 training institutes located  all over the country supports  industry in various sectors for providing cost effective technology solutions to improve their economic performance.

PCSIR provides services in energy, food, advance and composite material , leather, , textile, food safety and value addition, herbal medicines and products.,

The Council laboratories are providing testing and certification  services  to almost entire industrial sector  and most of the exportable products are also being tested by its ISO-17025 accredited laboratories.

During July 2019 to December 2020, PCSIR filed/obtained  72 patents, developed 325 technologies, leased out 86 technologies, provided  63302 testing/ calibration services to 20400 clients, interacted with 3100 industries,  prepared  410 technical  reports and provided 788 consultancy services.

During period under report, PCSIR’s scientists  300 papers were published  and supervised 3374 students  during said period also.