Promising outlook for Information and Communication Technologies

Engineering Post Report

The outlook for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector  for the financial year 2020-21 is  quite promising.

The federal government’s  strong commitment and priority  for this important and vital sector  will obviously  accelerate the momentum further  in digitalization, launching  innovative  services to address  the local issues , and also availability of  skilled Information Technologies  (IT)  human resources.

However, in order to sustain  this accelerated growth trend in IT, access to  to high-quality  mobile broadband networks and affordable services  would be crucial. This would help  not only in increasing  the  mobile broadband  penetration  and data usage but also go a long way  in ensuring  digital inclusion  of under-privileged segments of the society.

On the trade and commerce side, wider usage of  e-commerce and online business  would also enable more people  to reach out  to new markets as well as open  new avenues for earnings. This would also help in  flourishing  the startup environment.

In order to attract venture capital and foreign investment on large scale, emphasis on establishing software technology parks would be required  along with improving regulatory and financial policies.

Exports in IT/ITeS-BPO are estimated to have already crossed US $ 3.5 billion. For still higher growth, new areas have to be explored, such as data-driven services, manufacturing of smart technology components and products etc.  and high-end, ICT  skilled human resources .Therefore,  concerted focus on software development , software and IT workforce export, in-country employment  opportunities, e-governance for an effective service delivery , m-governance  and smart monitoring , technology incubators and support for entrepreneurs  would help in bringing about  an accelerated pace of growth in this sectors, the IT related official sources and experts maintained on being contacted.