Local start-up introduces Electric Bike Riding Service in Pakistan

Roomer Technologies, an Islamabad-based start-up, in collaboration with Jazz XLR8 has introduced an elaborate system of electric bike riding system in Islamabad by the name of ‘ezBike’.

The single seater “ezBike” having a maximum speed of 35Km/h will be available at metro stations in Islamabad and Rawalpindi for now. ezBike charges are set at Rs.5 per minute which will be payable with QR Scan from Easypaisa application. All new riders are provided with free credit of Rs.50 on registration.

EzBike enables users to locate a bike in their vicinity using its app. Once the bike is booked, the user can walk to the bike, and start their ride. Users also have the option to pause the ride. While the ride is paused the fare is reduced to of Rs. 2 per minute.  Users can park the bike at a suitable drop off point close to their destination and end the ride.

To ensure safety of the bikes different mechanisms have been put in place including GPS tracking. According to sources the company has also hired private security firms to deal with any untoward incident.