Key sources of Pakistan’s external debt

Engineering Post Report

Pakistan’s external debt is derived from four key sources.

Around 48 per cent as such comes from multi-lateral loans, 32 per cent  from bilateral loans, 7 per cent from Eurobonds/ Sukuk and 14 per cent commercial loans including non-residential investment in domestic  government securities.

Although borrowing from  commercial sources  has relatively increased during the last few years , multilateral and bilateral  sources  still cumulatively constitute  79 percent  of external public  dent portfolio  at the end of third quarter of financial year2019-20 prior to pandemic of Corona-Virus attack. These  multilateral and bilateral loans  are contracted  at concessional terms such as low cost and longer tenor and are primarily utilized to  address structural  issues and promote reforms in the areas of energy, taxation, business, trade, education and others.