24574 Engineers Seeking Jobs in Pakistan

Engineering Post Report

As many as 24574 engineers throughout the country are seeking jobs, according to information downloaded from official website of Pakistan  Engineering Council around mid-January 2021.

There are as many as 103 engineering universities and colleges, main campuses and sub-campuses, functional in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pukhtoonkhwah,Balochstan, Islamabad and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is a statutory  regulatory body  established under PEC Act 1976 enacted by the Parliament. Its main functions include  accreditation of engineering programmes offered by the universities/institutions , registration of engineers,  constructors/operators,  consulting engineers, continuing professional development of engineers to upgrade  their skills and knowledge  with emerging  technology  and assistance to   Federal Government as a Think Tank on various national national development projects.

The PEC also regulates working of professional engineering  bodies for professional development of  engineers under the umbrella of the Council. PEC interacts  with the Government at Federal and Provincial level  as an advisory role  in Commissions, Committees and professional bodies  for technical input .

PEC is a sole representative  body of the engineering community in the  country  which also  acts  as bridge between the government, industry and academia.

26th Annual General Meeting of OEC was held the NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi on December 25, 2020.

Quite interestingly, people of Pakistan are recognized as the fourth most intelligent in the world and 7th in the pool of  scientists and engineers.

Pakistan still continues to produce 20000 engineers and IT professionals year on year. In 2019, Pakistan had  21 per cent  increase in published papers–  highest in the world.

All this is despite the bitter fact that Pakistan spends  only 2 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on education—one of the lowest in the world.