KE to invest over $2 billion to add 2,100MW

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Syed Moonis Abdullah Alvi while addressing the press conference on ‘power situation of Karachi’ at KE office said that power utility is making its all-out efforts to resolve the power woes of Karachi.

KE is facing a shortfall of up to 450 MW during the current peak season due to which the residents of Karachi are facing load shedding. Alvi said that with its efforts KE has reduced Transmission and Distribution (T&D) losses from 36 percent to 19 percent, resulting in load-shed exemption for 77 percent of Karachi including all industrial zones.

Moreover KE is planning an ambitious investment plan to add 2100MW within the next three years. Moonis said the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) will evaluate rehabilitation of Jamshoro-KDA Circuits to provide an additional 300 MW to KE system before summer 2021.

With the first unit of Bin Qasim Power Station-III (BQPS-III) coming online, total addition will be 550 MW by summer 2021, and by summer 2022, an additional 800 MW as 400 MW through construction of new 220kV Dhabeji Grid, and 400 MW through 2nd unit of BQPS-III would be added to the system. Similarly, by summer 2023, Moonis said further 800 MW will be added through construction of new 500 kV grid to evacuate power from K2/K3.