Investment opportunities for Kuwait in Pakistan

Islamabad: Minister for finance Asad Umer addressed a meeting of Joint Ministerial Commission (JMC) with Kuwait and highlighted the investment opportunities for Kuwaiti Businessmen in Pakistan’s oil and gas sector. He informed the Kuwaiti delegation, headed by their minister for commerce Khalid Nasir Abdullah, that with Kuwait’s help Pakistan can efficiently explore its hitherto unexplored oil and gas reserves.
The FM also mentioned the substantial potential for investment in CPEC project
“We are in close collaboration with China with regard to implementation of CPEC projects and we want to further expand the corridor,” he said adding, “We want all out friendly countries should join CPEC for the socioeconomic development of people of the region”.
Commenting on the exports department he said Exports to Kuwait for the fiscal year 2017-18 were 91 million which were a lot lower than the true potential
He asked the Kuwaiti side to make visa regime easier for Pakistani Businessmen and workers commenting that it will benefit both countries
He said ”Pakistani workers are contributing in development of Kuwait in diverse fields including information technology and oil and gas sectors.”
Kuwaiti commerce minister acknowledged that both countries enjoyed good relations and assured that his country would strive for the socio economic development of Pakistan