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Established in Germany in 1978, HELUKABEL® is one of the world’s leading cable manufacturers and suppliers. In addition to its production sites in Germany and China, HELUKABEL proudly operate 49 sales and warehouse locations across 30 countries. HELUKABEL® offers a comprehensive product assortment of over 30,000 standard items including: bus and Industrial Ethernet cables, servo/feedback/motor cables, high-flex cables for drag chains, and flexible control cables. But what truly distinguishes it is the ability to work with the customer to create customised solutions that meet their exact requirements.  They design and test their products in our own R&D and testing facilities to make sure they meet not only international electrical standards, but the specific needs of our customers.

HELUKABEL serve customers across a multitude of industries; from breweries to steel processing plants, HELUKABEL® cables are found everywhere. Their cables are designed by specialists to have unique properties, such as high-thermal resistance for use wherever high ambient temperatures occur. Thanks to core insulation of halogen-free, cross-linked polyolefin-copolymer, HELUTHERM® 145 single cores provide long-term heat-resistance up to +145 °C in fixed installations. In even more extreme environments such as materials processing plants and power plants, the HELUTHERM® 800 has a permissible temperature range of +600°C to +800°C, and can withstand exposure to +1200°C for short periods of time.
Renewable energy is another sector that is important to us. We specialize in cables for photovoltaic installations such as the double-insulated SOLARFLEX®-X PV1-F cable. Its core insulation layer and outer sheath are made of highly durable cross-linked polyolefin, which provide an expected service life of approximately 25 years as well as resistance to: UV-radiation, abrasion, weathering, and acidic and alkaline substances.
HELUKABEL® products are tough enough to withstand the forces of nature, and well as those you need a microscope to see. They offer a line of antimicrobial cables, glands, conduits, and more for use in the food and beverage industry, where high-regulation and quality-assurance mean only the best components will do. For example, NANOFLEX® HC 500 is PVC insulated with a PUR compound outer sheath; its robust construction means this cable is cut-proof and crush resistant while remaining easy to clean. Because it is antimicrobial and resistant to all common cleaning detergents, the NANOFLEX® HC 500 is suited for use in the food and beverage industry in processing and packaging.

Team HELUKABEL is happy to work with clients to find the right product for their application. Get in touch with one of our representatives to learn more about all of the industries and applications we serve.

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