Five projects worth Rs8.41 billion proposed in PSDP

The finance division has proposed five projects with an estimated cost of Rs8.41 billion for federal public sector development programme (PSDP) for the next fiscal year (2021-22). Two of the five projects have been approved from the Departmental Development Working Party (DDWP).

The Up gradation of Pakistan Mint is also one of the approved projects. For the Next Fiscal year the Finance Division has proposed the allocation of Rs100 million. Through the PSDP funded project, modernisation and up-gradation that would be carried out included; (i) civil work including construction of new mint building; (ii) installation of new plant machinery/equipment for high quality production of coins; (iii) establishment, up-gradation and enhancement of electric supply department for meet projected demand and other works necessary in pursuit of the project objectives.

The Finance Division has also proposed construction of federal audit complex in the federal PSDP for the next fiscal year with estimated cost of Rs505 million.

The yet un-approved projects include (i) construction of National Academy of Public Finance Accountancy (NAPFA) with projected cost of Rs3.2 billion and proposed allocation of Rs1.1 billion in budget for the next fiscal year;(ii) construction of audit complex in Lahore with estimated cost of Rs2 billion, and; (iii) Construction of Head Office Building of Competition Commission of Pakistan in Islamabad with estimated cost of Rs920 million.