Automatic Voltagen Regulators

The answer to voltage fluctuation issues in industries

The impacts of voltage instability are becoming more widespread as the industries are growing more dependent on sophisticated controls and automation processes. Voltage fluctuations affects equipments that operate electronically, causing a temporary malfunction or, in the most extreme cases, an irreparable failure. It may also compromise on transformer’s efficiency, create synchronization issues of Gensets-Utility, and reduce life of other electrical systems.

Frequent voltage fluctuations or poor voltage levels at the processing plants increase many longtime over-heads for industries, if nothing is done to avoid them. This include increased expenses for repairing or changing damaged equipments, production loss due to unexpected downtimes and the subsequent effect on business commitments that can lead to customer dissatisfaction many times.

Conventionally in the Pakistani industrial market, Transformer off-load tap changing and on-load tap changing methods are the two most common methods used to address the voltage instability issue. However, both these methods are less efficient and impose risk to human safety. Additionally, the former method requires a complete shutdown for tap-changing, whereas, the later requires continuous monitoring.

One emerging method that is gaining popularity among industries is to use Automatic Voltage Regulators to address the issue of voltage fluctuations. By definition, the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is a device designed to regulate voltage automatically – that is, to take a fluctuating voltage level and turn it into a constant voltage level.

The AVRs are equipped with intelligent controller, offers remote monitoring and control option, and are more efficient since they cover a larger tapping range (around -20% to +20%). Also, AVRs are a low cost solution and do not put safety risks to humans.

In Pakistan, Jubilee Corporation (JC) is a well-trusted name for providing a complete solution based on AVRs to address voltage fluctuation issues in industries. With its partnership with Farady Electric- the specialized manufacturer of line voltage regulators / HT equipments, JC has successfully installed AVRs in many industries in different regions.

Farady Electric is regarded as the technology leader for its Single and Three Phase AVRs in foreign and domestic markets. Its AVRs are equipped with effective voltage regulation circuit and unique tap changer designed to avoid arching in the regulator. A large number of tap positions also ensure higher precision and accuracy. Moreover, the integrated by-pass panel enables customers to carry out AVR maintenance activities without requiring system shutdown.

Among the recent installations, one remarkable success of JC was installing AVR at one of the plants of YTM to cater voltage fluctuation issue. YTM’s Procurement Head, Mr. Javaid Zakariya, while sharing his experience of working with Jubilee Corporation on this project said, “We appreciate their highly skilled technical and support teams who work hand in hand with our engineers on a prolonged issue and devised a reliable and cost effective solution for us.”