First ever Gas Flaring Project put in motion

The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) successfully launched its first ever gas flaring project at Mahmood Booti dumpsite in the second week of September. As a part of this initiative the company will access the gas potential of the dumpsite from its south eastern side said Company’s spokesperson. During the trial period, gas from four identified gas vents already installed at dumpsite was collected and transported through a 900 feet long gas pipeline to one point for testing and flaring. Since June 13, 1 m3 dumpsite gas is continuously captured and flared on a daily basis.

The LWMC has also installed the necessary apparatus, a two burner stove and a gas lamp, for round the clock demonstration in an office. Some optimistic estimates suggest that the site has the potential to supply combustible gas for the next 7 to 10 years. LWMC has started working on plans for utilization of this gas. After proper treatment and purification It can be used as a substitute fuel for CNG in automobiles. If supplied to an autoclave and sterilization facility it can be used as a substitute for natural gas for the generation of steam, which is ultimately used for sterilization of hospital waste. It can also be supplied to Industries for Heating and Power generation purposes.

Mehmood boti, which has an estimated area of 320 kanals, is located on ring road. It is the oldest dumpsite in the area operational from 1998 to 2016. The site was closed in 2016 after it had been filled up to 80 feet from ground level. Approximately 13.14 million tons of waste has been dumped here out of which 60% is biodegradable

The LWMC has taken an initiative for plantation on the front of dumpsite facing the Ring Road. Till now LWMC has planted 14,500 plants of different species on front elevation covering an area of approximately 20,000 m2