Experts for streamlining resources

The 3-day National Conference on ‘Thinking Climate Change Adaption in Water and Farming’ was organized by the Climate Change Centre (CCC), housed in the premises of Agriculture University Peshawar. 

Experts in the conference emphasized the need to streamline the resources for giving an end to the negative implications arising out of the climate change. 
“Think-Adaption, 2016” was the motto of conference. 

They said that adaption was the only solution to protect crops, water resources and standard of life from greenhouse gas emission effects. 

Welcoming the scientists, scholars and researchers who came to attend the event, Vice Chancellor of AUP Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Swati said it was a maiden event organized by the Climate Change Centre to invite the attention of the thinking minds how to cope with the declining and polluted environment we are constrained to live in. He said, “We are on the receiving end. We can only adopt with the state of affairs enveloping our life of planet.” He hoped that the Climate Change Centre’s first effort would become a wakeup call for the policy-makers to show some resilience against the depletion of environment. 

Former Director of CCC Dr. Jawed Ali thanked all those who had extended him and his centre with several type of assistance during the 3-year journey of the centre. He said the mankind owned only planet is under threat from the global warming, scarcity of water resources, change in weather cycle and diminishing varieties of crops. It was, he said, the duty of educated segment of society to ponder upon it and found some status on, which enveloped in adaptation.