E-mobility courtesy lithium-ion batteries – By Mr. Umair Nabeel, Renewable Energy and Environmental Entrepreneur

Cover Story: RWTH Aachen University, if I may humbly refer to as the data center of Europe for lithium-ion battery storage, the technology as a core element is now officially making approximately 700 of its research papers, presentations and reports it has compiled over the years which has enabled a lot of what we see today, possible. From e-mobility to energy storage systems, these papers cover battery diagnostics, modelling, materials, ageing going right down to cell levels. Appreciate this move by the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, courtesy its research group, Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Systems at RWTH.

Global News Desk: 17%, a figure I quoted in last month’s article, on account of the contribution the transport sector makes to global GHG emissions. Roughly 12% of this comes from land transport. So having mentioned a few companies from the US last time around working on electrification of public transport, let’s briefly look at a global player, BYD. The largest fleet of e-buses globally with a little over 1200 in South America alone. Recent project orders successfully completed in the UK, Spain, Italy. Designs its own lithium-ion battery storage systems, stacked/modular type which is an absolute luxury to have. Point being, if willing and having the right intent, South Asia/Subcontinent, ASEAN & APAC countries and their decision makers can without much hindrance, make the switch to e-public transport much quicker compared to those perhaps in Europe, North America. A trusted name in the industry, global leader is right at our doorstep.

Citing a recent product & services related blog by Accure Battery Intelligence, a company leading the way in lithium-ion battery analytics, remote diagnostics and monitoring further consolidates on the projections for the German residential battery storage market. Come the end of 2021, another 150,000 units are expected to be installed across the residential sector.

EUPD in its latest survey report on global lithium-ion battery storage systems showed a 21% reduction in prices over a period of three years. The survey report was focusing on various correlations this price reduction over the mentioned time period had with the German market overall when it comes to installers, project integrators and how it translated into the overall market paradigm.

RAC, has its test beds (RnD) running on full throttle as it works towards mobile/emergency EV charging solutions. The company is working with specialized engineers to fit a fleet of 200 of its vans with mobile EV charging systems to cater for emergency cases and flat EVs needing roadside assistance. Year end 2021 is the set project timeline. Another interesting bit of news from the “Daily Climate Show” by Sky News.

As always I conclude by stressing the continued effort to strictly adhere to covid-19 SOPs so that we keep ourselves safe and those around us.