As COP 26 approaches by Mr. Umair Nabeel, Renewable Energy and Environmental entrepreneur

Cover Story: As I briefly shared some introductory information about “The Daily Climate Show” by Sky news in last month’s article, this time around I felt the need to make it my cover story. Reason being a recent show in which their co-presenter shared a detailed report focusing on the sources of GHG emissions. The biggest contributors, an interesting dissection of the data indeed. I’ve picked some bits which I think corroborate and endorse the focus and premise of my articles and a few outsiders too:

1- Powering homes and offices: 17.5% *

2- Transport: 16% *

3- Cement industry: 3% *

4- Rice farming: 1.3% *

5- Deforestation: 2.2% *

* The figures quoted are given in percentages, of the total global GHG emissions.

Take your pick, wherever you’re based and put this into context. Pair that up with the core subject of my editorials and “the need to” and “want to” phrases will easily drive you to a common junction of making the switch.

Global News Desk: Let’s kick off this section with a news story which brings together innovation and fun/handy tech. Fronius Solar, has introduced an “on the go” electric vehicle charger/kit which caters directly to the end user’s range anxiety when it comes to EVs. A portable and wall mounted EV charging box, the “Watt Pilot” is easy to use and again if I may stress, true innovative thinking.

EUPD and IBESA recently hosted a webinar in which Vietnam was the focus story. An Island nation in the ASEAN region of Asia, is leading the charge in making the transition to a green economy. In 2018, the country’s total installed solar pv capacity stood at approximately 10MW. And as of yearend 2020, the number now reads a little over 6000MW. This in turn has also started demand generation for lithium-ion batteries based energy storage systems. Really encouraging and we all must follow suit.

The lithium-ion battery industry received further encouraging news, a booster if I can call it that. Two industry heavyweights BASF and Umicore signed off on a patent license agreement which I feel will not only bring more stability to our industry but also streamline battery design variants, which is key.

Keep yourself and others around you safe by strict adherence to covid-19 SOPs. Hands, face, and space it’s that simple. Be wise especially with the virus mutating.