Delta Control Automation

Your one stop solution

Here at Delta control Automation Company private limited (DCACPL), problem solving is in our DNA. We boast a wide range of the latest equipment being used under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced team of engineers in Pakistan to understand and provide for all your calibration requirements.

Our Services include Engineering as well as Installation of Systems for Refineries, Petrochemicals, Power Plants, Fertilizer and Chemical Plants, Food Processing units, Tanneries and General Industries.

We are highly experienced at the modernization, revamping and retro fitting of Instrumentation System. We also undertake Annual Shutdown Maintenance Contract and also supply skilled manpower to complete the task.

DCACPL is highly the only company in Pakistan which has been able to get ISO-9001-2015/ISO14001-2015, OHSAS2007 Certification

Our Services

  1. Weight and measurement:

We are authorized from Sindh Weight & Measurement dept. We Undertake

  1. Tanks Capacity Automation.
  2. Balance Weight Automation.
  3. Land Testing Services i.e. for Lifter’s / Hoist / Cargo Lifts.
  4. Rapes Wires, Sling Wires, Sling Belts.


  1. Hydro testing and flow


Diesel flow meter automation is achieved through an actual flow generation on ground and measurements are taken with a meter. Master meter is calibrated from accredited government lab. Pressure safety valves testing / verification as per API standard. Many prestigious contracting companies and their clients (government) have had witnessed and approved our PSV testing. Supply, repair, servicing and automation of flow meter such as turbine, DP, etc. flushing, pneumatic testing and leak test of piping, spool and skids.


  1. Thermal validation and mapping

We have capability to calibrate all kind of temperature related instruments from 20c to 1200c,

The latest technology for the automation of infrared thermometer with black body is our specialty. We simulate the electrical equivalent for the temperature indicators in collaboration with the electrical lab. We offer high quality automation for pressure measuring instruments such a pressure gauges, transmitters, switches with precise reference equipment that is traceable to national/international standards.

We are highly proficient in the calibration of

  1. Dry Heat Sterilizer.
  2. Auto Clave.
  3. Steam Shower Sterilizer.
  4. Humidity Chamber.
  5. Try / Dryer.
  6. Automation & Testing Services

We have the Latest technology multi product calibrators which are capable of calibrating a wide variety of instruments in – house such as multi meters, earth testers, clamp meters etc. and on site such as welding machine and electrical meters. Traceable automation of oscilloscope and simulation in temperature parameters is one of the most advanced steps in our electrical lab