Competition is always there: Kanwal Zehra Zaidi

While Engr. Kanwal Zehra Zaidi, Director of Streamline Engineering & Services (Pvt.) Ltd, admits competition is always there and winning doesn’t mean being first over the line, she still expects to be better than the rest.

Over 24 years of Experience with versatile exposure of Engineering Industry starting from Siemens to CAT; today running Streamline with new business strategies and developing R&D & its long term benefits in the industry of Pakistan.

More maverick than moderate

As a Director, Kanwal is more maverick than moderate. She still doesn’t harbor long-term plans, preferring instead to focus on a year at a time. Headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan, not far from where she was raised, Kanwal complains Engineering industry is over-governed and lacks freedom of speech & adoption of new technology.

”I was self-taught, I didn’t have anyone to tell me what to do.”

Unable to find any reliable solutions of Engineering Problems in industry, and inspired by emerging of innovative technologies, Kanwal emerged herself in Streamline and started exploring the norms of existing industry and induction of new and reliable solutions as a future growth to the dying industry of Engineering.

Revolutionizing the industry

There’s a good reason that Streamline Group is pursuing such a transformation. Though one might not think technological change is affecting the way traditional Engineering Products is manufactured, the Group is doing everything it can to keep up with the evolution of the industry. In fact, Streamline is even trying to precipitate the industry’s transformation, with its emphasis on sustainability and efficiency.

“We must revolutionize this industry,” Kanwal says, “and acknowledge how important it is, as one of the largest industries in the world. Especially for developing countries, we must continue to be a large and significant part of the GDPs of the countries we operate in. So, we have to embrace technology and ensure this industry remains competitive.”

“We have to be working on the actual technology and investment side, ensuring we use the right technology and are aligning with the right suppliers, so we can make necessary improvements,” Kanwal says.

“Innovation also starts on the supplier side, so we want to get even more strategic with our suppliers. We’re looking at co-investing in certain technologies, and we are also integrated with them in terms of the design and the development. We feel through improvement, we can make our processes more digitally integrated and a lot more seamless.”

Streamline has been awarded C-2 category of Pakistan Engineering Council to take the big steps towards success of Engineering sector as well for Pakistan. ISO certified Organization is ready to take any challenge it faces on the tough roads it has accepted to walk on.