Build Con: Backed by over 25 year’s experience

We are involved in the import, trade and supply of building materials. Our core roots stem from Danish International, a well reputed and trusted name in the industry for over 25 years, having vast experience in import related products. We are the exclusive agent of Hepworth in Pakistan and have partnered with other top global brands to deliver a wide array of projects across all industries. We aim to recognize our customers’ precise needs and provide applicable turnkey solution that fit the global standards of excellence in product quality to achieve our vision to be the leading supplier of building materials in the country.

Over the past few years, there has been a boom in the construction sector which is transforming the landscape around us. We took advantage of this opportunity, and got our foot in the door in prestigious projects such as Arkadians, Emaar Crescent Bay, Dolmen, Bahria Icon Towers, Grand Jamia Masjid, Packages Mall Lahore and The World Bank to name a few. Our focus on considering the needs of our customer above all else has won us repeat business and secured long lasting relationships. The key to our success is in our attitude. We take our client’s problems and make them our own. By empathising with our client, we are able to find solutions quickly. Their success is our success. Winning in the market consistently is done through securing long lasting relationships, and this falls into our core values. Working with integrity and honesty, we help the client navigate the markets, bringing them the best possible outcome. We are here to set a new standard in this industry.

Having the sole agency of Hepworth has allowed us to operate on a national scale. Over the past few years, we have worked with consultants in getting the products approved. We have supplied all types of plastic piping system i.e  UPVC, PPR, HDPE pressure pipes and fittings to many major name of the industry. Our world class fittings are produced by none other than Georg Fischer, in collaboration with Hakan, which result in a superior product with cutting edge technology. The quality of our products is unmatched. Hepworth pipes undergo thorough testing at the batch level. These pipes have a warranty of 50 years and only strict adherance to quality control can produce such a result.

Following our successes with Hepworth, we partnered with Naffco to bring quality fire fighting equipment and after sales service to Pakistan. We anticipated the shift towards a greater concern towards safety.  It is now becoming mandatory in many areas to have proper fire fighting equipment. We are witnessing an increase in demand through the volume of imports in this sector which suggest that people and industries are taking this seriously and are particular about the level of safety they get. We support our clients at every stage of each process in order to achieve better results.

We have been expanding our business lines further, going into all kind of construction related products MEP, HVAC and firefighting products. We dont plan on stopping there. Growth is a continuous process. We are building upon our experience and strengths to expand ourselves and help take the client further in finding a one stop solution to all their needs. We are moving forward and progressing alongside our customers. Together, we are building visions.