6th Monthly Technical Session of PES-IEEE Karachi

The 6th Monthly Technical Session of PES-IEEE Karachi on November 10, 2023, delved into the intricate subject of “Challenges in Wind Farm Optimization.” Dr. Shafiqur Rehman Massan, Chairman CSIS of KASBIT, steered the session, offering a comprehensive overview of renewable energy, specifically focusing on the capacity of the Gharo Wind Corridor. His insights into wind […]

KP signs agreement with Chinese Co for EV infrastructure development

Electric Vehicles

The KP-BoIT and ADM International Trading Company have formalized a strategic collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed during the November 22-25, 2023, China Innovation Summit and Digital Economy Tour. Focused on jointly developing infrastructure for Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, this agreement, highlighted by Director Iqbal Sarwar, aligns with the CAREC’s e-commerce […]

MoUs Worth $10Bn signed with UAE and Kuwait

The caretaker government has signed MoUs worth at least $10 Billion with UAE and Kuwait. The MoUs were signed during the visit of Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar ul Haq Kakar, to UAE and Kuwait, during the last week of November. Chief of Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir also accompanied him during the visit. At […]

Unleashing the Power of 5G Revolution

By Engr. Sheikh Mohammad Ibraheem Sheikh Muhammad Ibraheem is a student of electrical engineering, an author, and a researcher from Pakistan. He is an active member of NSPE and IEEE world’s largest engineering communities. His books are published across the globe and is currently studying in The University of Lahore, Department of Electrical Engineering. In […]

Principles and Application of Storage Heaters

Engr. Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Iqbal Storage heaters are often made of concrete walls, water containers, clay bricks, or other ceramic material (grog). Additionally, there are unique substances like feolite. This substance functions as a heat-storage medium. The material has electrical heating elements that may be turned on to heat the storage medium and so store […]

Make in Pakistan – the way forward.

Khalid Pervez, CEO KPWS Consulting & Chairman IEEEP Karachi Centre Make in Pakistan has become a hot slogan in various professional circles, and rightly so. This is a blessing in disguise which arose out of our dwindling economic situation and broad realization that it’s urgently needed for our short- and long-term industrial and economic sustainability. […]

Data Science-Driven Predictive Maintenance in Mechanical Engineering

Zain Hasnain, Mechanical Engineer Zainusyed313@gmail.com | linkedin.com/in/zain-abbas-hasnain In the world of mechanical engineering, the pursuit of efficiency, reliability, and safety is unceasing. Traditional maintenance strategies often rely on reactive or scheduled maintenance, which can be costly, inefficient, and, at times, even hazardous. However, with the advent of data science, a transformative approach to maintenance has […]

Ensuring Industrial Power Reliability The Impact of Safe Junctions in the Industry

Mr. Muhammad Bilal, Regional Sales Manager, S. A Hamid & Co In the intricate realm of industrial operations, the uninterrupted flow of electrical power is the lifeblood of every process, ensuring the seamless functioning of machinery, automation systems, and sensitive equipment. At the heart of this electrical infrastructure lies a critical component often overlooked yet […]