6th Monthly Technical Session of PES-IEEE Karachi

The 6th Monthly Technical Session of PES-IEEE Karachi on November 10, 2023, delved into the intricate subject of “Challenges in Wind Farm Optimization.” Dr. Shafiqur Rehman Massan, Chairman CSIS of KASBIT, steered the session, offering a comprehensive overview of renewable energy, specifically focusing on the capacity of the Gharo Wind Corridor. His insights into wind energy statistics, wind farm layouts, and the optimization quandary were particularly enlightening. Notably, he detailed the placement of 100 wind turbines within a compact 2 KM x 2 KM space, showcasing the Gharo wind corridor’s current installed capacity of 3.5GW.

Highlighting the methodologies used to determine the optimal number of turbines for maximum power output with minimal cost, Dr. Massan emphasized the paramount objectives of wind farm design: maximizing power efficiency while minimizing costs and accommodating various constraints. The critical role of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in adapting to changing wind speeds was underscored, addressing challenges like uneven terrains, wind vortices, dynamic wind assignment, and complex interactions within the environment. The session offered a fresh perspective on employing the right algorithms to derive the most optimal solutions for layout and cost, shedding light on new information in this domain. Wrapping up the engaging and productive discussion, Engr. Ishtiaqul Haque, Chair of PES-IEEE Karachi, extended gratitude to both the presenter and the participants for their lively contributions and insightful discussions.