Make in Pakistan – the way forward.

Khalid Pervez, CEO KPWS Consulting & Chairman IEEEP Karachi Centre

Make in Pakistan has become a hot slogan in various professional circles, and rightly so. This is a blessing in disguise which arose out of our dwindling economic situation and broad realization that it’s urgently needed for our short- and long-term industrial and economic sustainability. The IEEEP, Karachi Centre alone organized three well-attended panel discussions on this highly important subject during March 2022 to October 2023.

These efforts were necessary to stir awareness of the subject and be a catalyst in the realization of tangible outcomes, which of course is direly needed. Therefore, now we need a well thought-through action plan agreed by major stakeholders, which in my opinion are Engineering Development Board, various chambers of commerce and industry, Pakistan Railways, Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works, Pakistan Ordnance Factories, etc.

In my view, the stakeholders’ deliberations should lead to: (a) a prioritized list of the recommended most feasible, suitable, and economically beneficial products for local production. (b) identifying the ways and means of local production, (c) guidelines on potential role of academia and public sector research and development departments, (d) guidelines on timeframe of local development, (e) scheme of adoption of indigenous products by public sector entities and departments, as well as in international bidding, (f) identify the structural changes in import duties on raw materials and other goods, (g)  agreement on setting up a permanent independent ‘local development council’ for regular monitoring and continuity of agreed framework, as well as the formative requirements for the establishment of council.

Considering that everyday has a great financial cost, the ball must start rolling without delay. The matter is open for taking a lead by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Engineering Development Board, or the Pakistan Engineering Council. However, there’s absolutely no room for any red tape.

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