Tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi

History Edhi established his first welfare center in 1957 and then the Edhi Trust.[5] What started as one man operating from a single room in Karachi is now the Edhi Foundation. The foundation has over 300 centers across the country, in big cities, small towns and remote rural areas, providing medical aid, family planning and […]

MES Appointed Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Wasim Abbas has joined Multitek Engineering Services, Lahore, the leading engineering Company as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Wasim Abbas was most recently the C.F.O and Sales Head for Irinatech, Lahore. He had been the General Manager for Hudges Group of Companies in Philippines & Singapore in 2012 where he designed and implemented first rental […]

Construction of Low-voltage circuit breakers

A circuit breaker is designed to keep an undesirably large amount of current, voltage, or power out of a given part of an electrical circuit. Industrial circuit breaker categories tend to follow voltage classes, which are divided according to magnitude. The IEEE divides voltage systems into four classes listed in the table titled “IEEE voltage […]

Selecting a Custom Magnet Sensor

The success of any system that utilizes magnetic sensors is dependent upon the ability of the design engineer to completely grasp the unique parameters, requirements, and constraints of the entire system, not just the sensor. Beyond answering the simple, yet essential question of “What does this sensor have to do?”, it is important to define […]

Classification of Signals used in Electrical Engineering

Classifying signals is a way to organize the signals around us. It focuses design, testing requirements, measurement tools, and expected results. There are many ways to classify signals! Signals Surround Us We’re surrounded by signals. Visual, audio, mechanical, electrical; active, passive; physical events which convey information, alert us to the specific conditions, and deliver our […]

Applications of Hall Effect and Reed Switch Sensors

In those systems where custom sensors are required, it is imperative that the designer quantifies the environmental, mechanical, electrical, and magnetic parameters of the entire system so that a sensor which meets those operating conditions can be selected. Clear and direct communication between the designer, OEM manufacturer, and customer needs to be maintained during the […]

Baykee believes in Continuous progress, R&D

BAYKEE is a high-quality manufacturer of Low-Voltage, High-Frequency and Low-Frequency Power Supply products, including Inverters, UPS, AVR, Rectifier, Surge Protection, Solar Inverters, Controllers, Batteries and other power-related components…………..

NewTech Automation offering World’s Best Products

NewTech Automation is a leading Systems Integration Services company, with exceptional knowledge and core competencies in a broad range of information technology and automation expertise. NewTech was established in year 1992, to carry forward the tradition of providing finest………

ZELON providing the quality products

ZELON was established in 2003 as an electrical manufacturing company by a group of qualified and experienced engineers and duly registered with sales tax department, ZELON provides end to end solutions for designing, manufacturing to service contract of its clients systems,……….

IEEEP Karachi center is setting good example for others


Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan was founded in 1969 by the Electrical Engineers belonging to Institute of Engineers Pakistan (IEP) to develop and exclusive forum for the electrical engineers to meet the challenge of rapid developments in the electrical engineering technology. The paramount objective of IEEEP is dissemination of technical knowledge and introducing […]