A to Zee using most modern manufacturing techniques Mr. Jawed Zaman khan, CEO, talks to Engineering Post

Q.) What had been your past experience before starting A to zee?
I was working in Agha khan hospital in 1980 with Pheonix Pakistan then I switch to Switch-gear manufacturing company in 1987 and left in 1993 as a Production manager.
Q) How long is the A to Zee formed and what were the motives behind the formation?
We are established since 1993 and our motive to provide best electrical solution to our client that should be safe and operator friendly.
Q.) what do you think is the core ideology of your business.
Our core ideology is only to provide better technical solution not in only electrical switch-gear but to all electrical and electronics system for and with health safety and environment

Q) What are the business ethics A to Zee is stick to?
Fastest technical support and services and free consultancy.
Q) What according to you should explain the success of your company?
Because we invest some extra amount for our employee benefits and research and development. This must be adding a lot in our success.
Q) How do you see the increasing competition in switchgear industry in Pakistan.?
According to my point of view , competitors are the business partners as they help in offering continuous improvement in products and services.
Q.6) In what areas do you feel the A to Zee has a competitive edge over you competitors.?
Our clients can better explain but fulfilling commitment and delivering best quality is what provide us with some edge.
Q.) What is the quality of components used by A to Zee?
We are system integrator partner of Schneider electric (France) and Dief Power (Denmark) and many other European and Asian principle for that we are working in Pakistan Market.
Q) What special features A to Zee offers which personifies it as a better product compared to others?
Our special feature is that we don’t take any additional cost for Plant Automation and Process control in our turnkey based projects.
Q.) Are you satisfied with the current standing of the company?
Yes Alhamdulillah and our continuous growth is a good support to the point.
Q) Do you have any plan of expansion or related diversification?
Yes we are expanding our manufacturing area with latest CNC based Machines and also working on time saving designing software like Eplan , Etap Autocad Etc
Q) what are the future plans for the next 5 years and where do you see your company after that?
Yes we shall be targeting international projects in future.
Q) What are some past projects you feel A to Zee proud of working on?
Our mega projects that we feel proud on are Habibullah Coastal and Gawader international container terminal (port) that we completed last year.

Q) What are some major projects you are working right now?
Our currently running projects are Artistic Group, Almomin Packages and World trade Center Islamabad.